Thank you so much.


No thank you. I wish I had more money I would have order so much more.


Well I thank you for making the order that you did.


Shout out to GrammysReborns for fast shipping and a great selection! Was a great price and smooth transaction. :+1::+1:


Thank you so.


Received kits to add to ever growing mountain from @Babies. :grin:


Glad they made it to you! :slight_smile:


I purchased some items from @Ascuderi (Alice). Very pleased with the transaction.
Thank you Alice!


Thank you so much! :blush:




@specialmoments and I did a trade for kits. All went smoothly. I would definitely trade with her again!


Just had great transactions with @micholc and @2layz


Thank you @Kate! I’d recommend you as a customer as well. I’ve also had good recent sales experiences with @Phassell, @britt40478, and @Katinafleming.


I had a positive selling experience with these two lovely ladies. They each bought a blank BB kit that came with bodies and extras.



My kits arrived today that I purchased from @2layz. Thank you for a great transaction!


Thank you!


i bought a doll kit and body from


all went great

@lollipop_cradle i sent to Paula when she won a giveaway of mine like year ago, and i won a give away from her before, and she sent me eyes i needed before for a doll i donated to a foster kid’


I recently purchased a kit from @Carce428. Smooth transaction, fast shipment, and she even threw something extra in the box with no added shipping cost. :+1:


I had a positive experience when selling a kit to @britt40478, and buying a kit from @micholc.


Thank you Chrissy!! You’re a great seller!! I love my June and her goodies!! Thanks so much!! :heart_eyes: