I had a satisfactory trade with @SteffanyLeah. Great transaction


@azbaby sold me an adorable kit with body. Thank you.
@Skylar helped me to get two special kits and doe suede bodies. So happy. Thank you and thanks to your friend.


You are more than welcome! Happy Reborning!


Starting my third group of 10 that I have bought from; My first list is all the way at the top.

Awesome trade with @dinokc
1st list April '16
2nd list Feb '17

I will edit my list to keep this thread from getting too long.


Wanting to give feedback where due. I bought a beautiful doll from @Simone She shipped next day which is amazing by itself! Great communication I just can’t say enough about this transaction. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone! I’ve probably said thank you about 50 times LOL but sincerely your the best! :slight_smile:


Way to go @Simone :slight_smile:


@Countrycradlereborns can you create a post so we can see her please?


Absolutely! She will be here Monday but I definitely will be sharing pictures. Should I do a box opening video?


I’m sure Simone would love that!


I sure will then! :slight_smile:


@yackyquacky sent me two cute kits. Thank you :grinning:


I’m leaving positive feedback for @pipgirl_el She bought Biracial Baylee from me and paid promptly. Also I purchased Evangeline from @avyona and she sent it out very quickly. Thank you ladies. It was nice doing business with you. Also received a Maggie from @GrammysReborns today. Thanks so much. And received a mermaid tail and body from @GrammysReborns today.


Thank you!


@Babies sent me an awesome Landon kit that I am thrilled with.Thank you !


Cant wait to see what you do with them :wink:


Thank you so much.


You are welcome!! :slight_smile:


I bough some kit from @GrammysReborns. They were all in exelent condition: no bad smells, no scrashes, and fast shipping.


Thank you so much.


No thank you. I wish I had more money I would have order so much more.