I purchased a kit from @Pandam very prompt shipping, kit is in excellent condition, Positive experience from beginning to end ! Thank you so much!!!

I also purchased some gorgeous mohair from @Rainbowbabies new shop, The hair is BEAUTIFUL! I am super super picky about mohair, I have a drawer full that is nice but not as fine as I wanted. Her kid mohair is very high quality and super fine. Love it! Another thing, I failed to use the coupon code for free shipping, she refunded my shipping and shipped for free! Can’t get any better then that! Thank you so very much!!


@SteffanyLeah purchased supplies and kits from me. She was easy to work with and paid right away. Highly recommend. :slight_smile:


Thank you Dolly! You were a pleasure to work with as well! Super fast shipping!


Sold @SteffanyLeah a doll kit, mohair, and eyes- Excellent transaction, immediate payment, and wonderful communication :slight_smile: Thank you for being such a pleasure, Steffany :yellow_heart:


Got a set of pacifiers from Miss @JillianJade. :slight_smile: Fast shipping as always


Bought a kit from Faith at @GrammasLittleDoll. Great price, great package, super fast delivery.


Thank you so much!


Thank you to all the lovely ladies who have made me feel very welcome on this forum. I have enjoyed reading the threads for a few years, and I hope to be able to share some WIP in the near future. I especially want to thank those who have trusted me enough to purchase kits from me. I was terrified of having to sell on eBay, so I thought I would offer kits to members on the forum. The response has been very positive! I have had wonderful interactions with the following woman: @babymaw, @marleeton, @RebeccaKatie, @MamaMandy,@izzy, @specialmoments, @twolipsanddande, @MrsLindsey1, @aclovly, and @SteffanyLeah. Thank you all for the wonderful and uplifting experiences! Since I can only mention 10 users in a post, I will include the rest in a separate post.


Here are the remaining members who I wanted to thank in my last post. @pattyabe, @lyssa1974, @Babies4lisa, @Panda, and @kennedysboutiqu.


Thank you so much, you are a sweetie!


@GrammasLittleDoll it was a pleasure buying from you. Your notes were special and I appreciate the extra you put into sending our kits! I can’t wait to get these kits into babies! Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:


@GrammasLittleDoll Thank you for such a sweet sculpt!, and for taking the time for the hand written note! She was packed so carefully too, thank you for that! Shipping was speedy quick and I hope I can do business with you again one day!


GranmmasLittleDoll has been awsome to buy from. This was my second time to buy from her and I would not hesitate to buy againl. She ships so quickly and put an extra touch of a special note with each purchase.


Yes, i agree. The little extra touches make all the difference. Very special and sweet!


I have bought things from:


I have sold things to:

All were great experiences! This board is awesome!!


Thank you for the shout out, girl!!


I just had a wonderful experience selling to @missannie2. Quick payment and great communication!


Had to give some much deserved wonderful feedback to @GrammasLittleDoll. The kits are great and I loved the extra little gift it is DARLING. Super items that were shipped very quickly, an all around great transaction. Thanks so much!!



I bought a box of goodies from @Bananafana. All clean, great condition, great price and fast shipping.


Traded with @SteffanyLeah she’s so sweet! Stuff came packed with love! And sold to @MaryJane fast payment! And good communication