You’re very welcome Summer! It was a pleasure doing business with you as well!


Bought a toddler kit from @heartstringsnursery .Excellent speedy transaction.Thanks Bette


Just received my Wee Patience from @fuzzykitty. Smooth transaction, fast shipping. :slight_smile:


I have purchased from:
All were wonderful purchases
Also received some limbs for the price of shipping from GrammysReborns (Very kind)
I really appreciate all of you wonderful forum members, I am Blessed to have found such a wonderful group of caring ladies


I just purchased and received 2 kits from sewhot. She couldn’t have been more helpful or kind. it was a pleasure doing business with her.


I just received the most gorgeous mohair from @Rainbowbabies yesterday. If you want the most beautiful and smooth mohair, contact her. It’s lovely. I can’t wait to get somebody rooted with it.


I got some from her too. I love it. Excellent customer service.


Look what came in today! Thank you so much @CamsGigi! The bodies look great and I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you again. :purple_heart:


So glad you like them :slight_smile: happy reborning!!


Just did a perfect trade with @SnowBabyNursery. :grin:


Yes, great service and responds very quickly to messages. :blush:


Thank you @Summer for items! Fast shipping!! Love it!


You’re welcome :heartpulse: Thank you for all the great items too :grinning:


(purchased from) Thank you @izzy for sending me the sculpting skull! All the extras you sent were a great surprise!! Thank you so much!!


Not sure if I ever added my positive feedback for @Blissfulbabies and @Summer

Also positives from @MacPhersonCrafts and Nonies


Thank you Jenni.


Thank you Jenni :heartpulse:


@heartstringsnursery is great to deal with. She’s a very sweet lady and gives quick responses.


@cher_simnitt is wonderful to deal with. She was quite nice about helping me get my paints ordered, fast to supply tracking and included a free gift. :slight_smile:


Thank you Michelle58 - You were also great to deal with and paid fast - I think you will LOVE the paints !