I wanted to add @RebornDaddy for a positive trade we made. Received item as described.


I would like to add @RebornDaddy for a positive trade.


I’ve been meaning to do this as well; both @greta and @AmandasBabies have been amazing to trade with and I would do so again. Both are wonderful to talk to as well!

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Thank you to everyone who purchased, traded or sold lately with me! You all are great!!


Thank you @Kate for clothes​:blush: & @kristi for doll kit swaps, @ also @twolipsanddande for everything :blush: And a big thank you to @CJSPremium love the hair!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Karen is awesome to work with🤗


I knew I was forgetting someone… did a trade with @kristi and she is awesome! Sorry I didn’t include you in the other post, I feel so rude!


It’s ok thank you😊


Thank you so much @happy_to_paint for the beautiful cape!!
& thankyou @jubileej for dolly head! Its perfect! ( Julie Beck)


@JillianJade thanks for a smooth transaction and quick shipment.


Your welcome! So glad you like it.


I had a couple of great transactions with @JillianJade but got busy and forgot to post. Sorry about that.


I have now bought 7 kits from @JackieJo - awesome transactions! thank you, Jackie!


Thanks @janan ~ great price, fast shipping!


Great transactions with @cher_simnitt and @lauram.


I sold to @jeanhai and it was a wonderful experience. I also received a beautiful swap baby from @evelyn and I adore him.


I have had wonderful purchasing experiences with two people…


Bought several kits from @heartstringsnursery - great prices, fast shipping, great to work with!


I want to thank all the ladies whom have purchased from me and the ones that I have purchased from, all have been wonderful!! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Just received a kit from @JillianJade and was surprised at all of the extras. Thank you, that was very sweet of you! Hope your beautiful little bunny is doing well. :slight_smile: