Just got an amazing package (QUICKLY) from @azbaby! I am in LOVE with Hattie!


Excellent transaction with @Lollipop_cradle


Wonderful transaction with @2layz


Lots of great transactions lately with people on this forum. Thanks everyone…@Msmimi04, @msdee56, @KatesBabies, @nikkiroc, @Granna, @evelyn, @MaryJane, @grannyx3, @Pamela2Heaven!


I sold a doll to @Pitmom390 @ABHoriginals

Sold a kit to @grannyx3 @Renauta427

Bought a kit from @Quinnlee and @handy_denise @EndlessSummer @lollipop_cradle and more than one from @mimi


Bought a bundle and pacifiers from @JillianJade

Bought an item from @ttulsajess
Sold item to @GrammysReborns


I had a wonderful transaction with @Angel76 I bought about 4 outfits and everything went smoothly!! :smiley:


Hi I just wanted to say that I bought my miracle kit from susansvs (hope I remembered your username correctly) and she was great, first time I had bought from the USA and I was so worried the post people would loose her or damage her and she really went out her way to ensure the package was travelling okay and was on the way. Miracle arrived safely and was in totally brand new perfect condition. She even apologized at me getting a customs bill bless her, I knew I would and it was obviously nothing to do with her as the seller that I got a customs bill. She also sold her to me at what she paid so not only did I get my dream kit in perfect condition but even if you add in the customs bill I got the kit at a great price. Thank you so much for such a lovely transaction and letting me buy your miracle kit :grinning: xx


Starting my second group of 10 that I have bought from; My first list is all the way at the top.

@mcurbelo Easter Swap 2017

I will edit my list to keep this thread from getting too long.


I bought kits from @JillianJade and @2layz

Also @JackieJo

I bought Preemie clothing from @Angel76

All excellent transactions!


Thank you! To all who purchased from me!
And thank you to who I bought from!


I purchased hair from @Esther1514. It arrived safe an sound. very nice hair!


Thank you


Guess I need to update this: Bought a lovely romper set from @Ady and traded a kit for paint with @katieperry. :slight_smile:


Made a great trade with @GrammysReborns and @DollyPardon
AAAA++++++++ feedback. Thank you ladies!


@wispywillowrebo, thank you for keeping me stocked with supplies :0)


Received sculpting supplies from @Angel76 today. Thank you for the extra goodies and for taking such care with packing everything up. I will buy from you any time. :slight_smile:


great idea! thank you Izzy


Awww thank you​:blush::blush:


@Angel76 sold me the most adorable pacifier clips.I love them.