Portrait Sunny K

I have had this kit for over a year, but have been terrified to start it knowing how difficult and costly she is to get. Since I have acquired a second one, I am tentatively jumping in. I am making her as a portrait baby of my son at around 4 months old. It was my favorite age with him and I just realized that it is the reason that I am so drawn to Sunny. I am going to be pleading for feedback and input, so thanks in advance if I get annoying.


Your son is adorable. Sunny is a really good match.

Oh wow! What a great match. He’s adorable! :heart_eyes:

He is absolutely adorable and sunny is a perfect match! Can’t wait to see your finished doll :slight_smile:

Perfect match!

I don’t know my kits, but that is one cute baby!

Wow! What a great match! And his eyes :star_struck: !!! I don’t think I ever saw a baby or even an adult with such beautiful blue!

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Thank you all. Yes, his eyes were an amazing blue color. Now they are a bright green. My father’s side of the family also has what they call “china blue” eyes. And here I am with hazel :roll_eyes:

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Ever reach that point where you are terrified to go forward because you are so happy with where you’re at, but you know you need to finish? Yep, I’m there. He needs a lot still, but I am so afraid to screw this up :grimacing: Also, night lighting sucks!


Ahhh his eyes just make him! He is gorgeous so far! I can’t wait to see more.

Whelp, I got impatient and now baby is done. Doesn’t have the skintone I wanted, but I love it to death anyway. Now I just have to decide girl or boy?


I see a beautiful girl!

This one could definitely go either way… If it were me for a keeper I’d go girl. But I don’t think you could pick wrong here. Very versatile babe! You’ve done a great job.

Adorable baby girl!

I sure hope I learn to paint this well. I love the rainbow outfit!