Porcelain doll clothing - free


Is anyone collecting porcelain dolls and in need of clothing? I have dresses that will probably fit porcelain dolls the size of Donna Rubert’s 24-28". I can post pictures if you are interested.

Just pay shipping


I have antique dolls very interested. my zip is 92329 for shipping.



Some have slips underneath, some have diaper covers, pantaloons.


so beautiful and so nice.of you to let.them go for.free. I love.collecting all.tyoes.of.dolls. have.some.sweet sues and other old.vintage treasures.
paypal.is lisadunn@charter.net
I would love to have them.


OK - will send you invoice for shipping - let me figure that and I will get back to you first.


thank you so much. so.excited


There is a little over 5 pounds of clothing - - - I think I can squeeze them all into a large flat rate box $18.90. Is that ok?


I am shipping from NY


okay no problem that is more than fair. thanks so much again.