POP QUIZ: How many kits do you have in your stash?


No I don’t. Sorry. Most of mine are BB but I have Alina by Linda Shearer, Fern by Toby Morgan, Chase by Cheryl Webber, and a Stoete can’t remember her name.


No worries, thanks!


I just counted. I’m down to 60 (unless there are some hiding that I overlooked). Looks like I need to either get busy painting or sell some kits. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Only a guestimate - at least 60 - :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been on a diet :relaxed: now down to 5 kits wow .


@marrabo I admire you; I have been abstaining from buying any new kits too. I have been overspending and not selling. I am going to break my diet for Dominic awake if he goes on sale and have been fortunate that has not happened, lol


Well @aclovly it is like this when you get a baby crib and think Aha now I have room for my most favorite babies and find there is not enough room because the crib is full of babes bought on sale .
And you come to the realizations that you have no salesmanship at all and will soon need to add a room It stiffens your resolve :blush:


Now that’s organized!


I have 8 kits but there are at least three that I want to save for to get their twins to make as sets so that only leaves me about 2-3 left as little singles. I have going on 5 for sale and one keeper.


and way too many!:blush:


CindyLouWho do you have Eliza or newborn Eliza in your stash? I would love to buy those.


I don’t have newborn Eliza but I’ll check to see if I have the smiling Eliza.


I have not found Eliza yet. I can’t remember if I’ve already sold her or she’s still stashed in the back of my closet. I will keep looking.


107! I have a spreadsheet to keep track of them all.


I just bought 3 more from Mac’s and 10 from BB


Wow!! I thought I was bad at 65. :joy:




35, and I have a spreadsheet too. I can only work on dolls a little bit at a time and I figure it may take 6 or 7 years to go through these kits, so I’m trying to be good at not buying any more kits. All these adorable Realborn kits do make it hard to stick to that resolution, though.


Without looking these are the ones I know from memory are in my stash. Maizie Arcello, MaryAnn Blick, Penny Blick, Emma School, Ellis Auer, Paige by Sandra White, Thomas Auer,Trudy Auer, Maylin Auer, Cathy Auer, Sunshine Winters, Madison by Mina Torquati, Zasha by Claire Taylor, Smilla by Sabine Altenkirch (2) Rachel Webber, Zion Webber,(2) Edea Webber, Maik Blick, Micah by Sheila Mrofka, Aurora Eagles,Nina Stoete, Simon by Brit Klinger, Toby by Dawn Donofrio, Discontinued BB kits. Milo, Newborn Eliza, Tory and Tristian. Realborns… Thomas Asleep, Ashley Asleep, Charles, Quinn, Leif, Dominic, Joseph all asleep versions. Aspen Awake, Madison Asleep, Macey, Miya, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Reese,Landon all asleep versions. LE Dean rose kit… I know I have several other like Cuddles, Sweetpea Awake, Gracie, Daisy, Raine, Kenzie, Hailey, Eden, Amber not sure how many others I have forgot about lol…So at least 54 not including the finished ones I have in my collection.