POP QUIZ: How many kits do you have in your stash?


Arrrr had to have Priscilla…she will go with the 2 Presleys. But she was on sale and I needed some supplies as well.


5 unpainted, 2 WIP, 4 completed and I have my eye on at least 3 more…my mother has asked me to stop (lol)


Someone was just looking for piglets.


I know, I’ve got a Thistle ready to go to the post office as soon as I can get through the snow. Just didn’t know if anyone else was looking for one.


No worries : you will :slight_smile:


Finally done counting. Oh boy, reality check Hold on here goes…86 kits, 15 heads, 10 limb sets and working on five currently. And I wonder why I haven’t painted in so long. Ive been way to busy buying. Can I use this as maybe a business expense for a business in progress? Oh, i feel sick to my stomach. On a positve note, my buying has subsided and my kits are organized-almost. That was a big reason for the paint hiatus. I can’t do things unless everything is in order. This is not the whole collection, gotta toss game nite!


I envy your organization , I need to get my crap in order and maybe I can answer this question too, lol


Wow, well ! I can’t do that myself, my husband will see how much kit I have…


I resisted but, I wanted a Calendar so I got Teagan to complete my Triplets and I have been wanting Kameko. :roll_eyes:


I probably have around 7
I’m still new…give me time. :grinning:


I used to buy every kit I liked, and I did like lots. Then I realized that while some kits will sell well even years later, others do not. That is why I decided I will only buy kits that I can realistically reborn within few months of getting them.

There are so many kits being released nowadays; if I buy everything I like I would never in 100 years manage to paint them all.


Good advice Ludmilla, there are some in there that I thought I would like but am not too crazy about.


Same here! I have quite a few kits that I knew I would like, but actually don’t and have no desire to paint.

I’m trying not to even look at the new releases right now. I need to get my stash down to a reasonable level.


I used to buy every cute kit I saw. Now I try to limit myself to kits I can’t stop thinking about or know I would regret if they are LE and I miss out. I love so many of the new realborn, but I’ve managed (so far) to avoid them even when they’re on sale by reminding myself that they’ll be on sale again, when my kit stash is reduced :grin:


If my sale goes through, My stash will be upgraded from 0 to 1 lol Maybe two if I can


After going through my stash I can honestly say I have 51 kits. A far cry from the 16 I had originally stated…some kits I had completely forgot about like Mattia, Phoenix, and Elijah. I need to do better!


So now I have one WIP & 1 in my “stash” if you can even call it that lol. My Liam arrived today and he is HUGE, and cute!


I just did an inventory of my stash and I was shocked to discover that I have 65!!! :scream:. Anyone needing any of the older kits, I may be willing to get rid of some of them. Most are BB kits.


Mine is around 32 kits. Good to know that I’m not alone! I almost bought Natasha on sale on BB last night - she’s so cute! - but I can’t justify it since I have so many sitting waiting to be finished, and i’m only now starting my 3rd doll.


You wouldn’t happen to have Harley by Melody Hess?