Polyurethane Sealer


Has anybody tried plain ole polyurethane for a sealer?


I haven’t. Would it be shiny?


I was wondering about that…


There are satin and mate ones, but I would expect them to dry into hard inflexible surface? In which case it would crack if the vinyl was compressed.


True…just wondering. :slight_smile:


Are you going to try it? Everything is fair game in this market you may discover something. If I had that sealer a test baby and the time I would try it.


Anne, I do have a test head that I could try it on. Not sure if I have the polyurethane though. I do think they have some that is supposed to be matte but most everything matte seems to shine anyway … I will post the results when I try it. :slight_smile:


Could be Ludmila…I have made a couple of babies that get played with and the paint on their fingertips is fading. I guess I will just have to put lots of layers of sealer on them from now on. :slight_smile: