Polyfil storage


How does everyone store their polyfil? Right now mine just roams around in the bag. It’s driving me crazy, lol.


Ooh I’m following. Mines all over, too!


Hopefully we get some ideas. :0)


Mine is always in the bag too, but I never have a lot at once.
If you have a lot you can try one of those vacuum bags. They’re plastic bags for storing clothes and such. Then you use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out. It goes super flat.
When you need it again, you just open the bag and it fluffs right back up.


I keep it in the bag and store it in a closet or inside the crib, at this time.


A flip top clothes hamper would work if you have lots of it. They have them at Home Goods here and they are quite attractive. I use one to store my bags of dogfood.


Thanks, ladies. :0) I’m thinking about putting it in a Rubbermaid under one of my cribs.


I just keep mine in the big bag in the closet.


So my husband was in the garage this morning and we were discussing what to do with some stuff. There was a bin there that he was going to throw away because one side of the lid was warped. As I’m standing there staring at it, a lightbulb goes off. It would be perfect to stick polyfil in. And then I thought, I need smaller ones! Get two scoops and it would also be perfect for pellets and glass beads! So there you have it, a solution for the ugliness and mess of polyfil.