Poly Pellets vs Fat Pellets

Has anyone used the poly pellets or fat pellets from BB? What are they like? Can you describe the texture and weight of each?

Poly pellets -hard lil balls of plastic like melted tupperwear balls
fat pellets -lil very old stail balls of gummy worms… LOL
Bummybeans -soft squishy ,fishing lure worms squished up

Awesome descriptions THANKS!!

The glass beads are best for the limbs -the Idea of the Bummybeans or fat pellets is a squishy (real human flesh ) feel and you would not feel them in the limbs -also they could react with some vinyl -we tested them and did not find any reactions -but we couldnt test all kits and all vinyls -so you never know -but incased in their bag in the bodys they are great !!!