Poly pellets for weighting dolls


so if this is true and we shouldn’t be using poly pellets to weight our reborn’s what exactly should we be using. I have always used poly pellets…just curious what does everyone else use

I have not had any problems with poly pellets except getting them in the carpet

I didn’t get from that video that one shouldn’t use poly pellets, rather do not fill the doll with sand in plastic crunchy bags, do seal the hair, do paint with paints that don’t chip etc.

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I refuse to put glass in the torso of a cloth body.

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Everyone has their own preference. If you are using a decent sized glass granule that isn’t like dust and you put it inside a cloth pouch or tripled thick trouser sock (NOT knee high) then you can use it inside the body. I have found that by doing this I can get a more realistic weight on my babies that pleases the buyers who want a baby that feels more weighted. I personally don’t like the poly pellets floating around inside the cloth body because to me that does not feel real. As long as one is weighting a doll in a manner that is safe and durable there are variations to the way this can be don’t and there isn’t one “right” way.

A knee high hose will not hold sand nor most of the glass beads. Check out this thread for more info on glass beads: