Polly pellets in bulk

where can I get poly pellets in 25lbs bulk?

moldingman on ebay has 25 or 50 pounds

I looked it up! Here’s a link for the 10# from Moldingman.

http://cgi.ebay.com/10-poly-pellets-for … 27ad4df2af

WOW!!! that is a great price. I used to get mine from a placed called Schrocks. they were $1.80 a pound and then shipping was $8.00 no matter how much I ordered unless I ordered more than $100 then shipping was free. they had a lot of other things I used so i almost always got free shipping. The last time I went to order they were $3.99 a lb. I won’t pay that much. Thanks Audrey for posting that link.

Sure thing, Gina! I saved that link for later!