Plugs on children's dolls

I don’t usually use plugs. I seal the openings with moleskin. I’m making a doll for a young child and will be using plugs for that reason. When you make a doll that you know is for a child, do you glue the plugs in to make them extra secure?

I don’t, but so don’t use plugs either. Or cover the limb holes at all so I’m no help.

I usually always use plugs, and I do glue them in

I glue my plugs with a tiny dab of superglue.

All the babies I’ve made for children, I’ve added plugs then glued felt over the plugs/openings, just as added security. My dolls for my children have been played with and no leaking to date

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I only glue them in if I feel like they may pop out. If they are right then I leave it be.

You might want to consider covering the limb holes in the future. A couple of years ago received a doll were the artist never covered the holes but stuffed them firmly with poly-fill (as was her standard). I rarely touched this doll and had him on a shelf in a box. I decided to take him out and try my hand at painting hair on him and reweighting him…when I took him apart I found that his polyfill had popped out of his legs and one arm and glass beads were in loose inside his body.


I’m not reborning anymore but if I ever come back I will consider it. I’ve had a reborn for 5 years and when i took her apart to reweight her nothing had moved or changed, same with my first baby when I repainted him.

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I squeeze the limb after adding the plug… (I use plugs in every doll)
If it moves or tried to work it’s way out I use a strip of moleskin and make a lip that anchors it in, the vinyl sits in the groove


That’s a great idea!

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Thanks for sharing!