Plugs and rings?

I have bought all my babies from BB and they have the recommended plugs and rings and it is awesome. But, I just bought a kit from Irresistibles and I have no idea what size plugs and rings it needs. Does anyone know how to tell? Is there a way to measure?

I believe you measure the diameter of the openings but I’m not sure. I don’t use plugs and rings. I put super glue in the grooves of the neck and limbs so they turn easily. I put polyfil on top of the glass beads then seal the openings with Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin that’s cut to fit. You can add a little glue to the edge if you want extra security.


doesn’t the super glue crack?

I use modge podge for the flanges. It’s cheaper and doesn’t gas off. I get an awful headache from super glue fumes. I use glossy and put it in front of a fan or space heater (depending on weather) to be sure it dries well.

I put it on arms and smaller legs, never heads.

I keep a collection of plugs and rings, I just order two extra of ones I most commonly use because you never know when one will disappear, get stepped on etc…

Then I just fit what I have. You can trim the inside of the hole to fit a larger plug. I use furniture felt rounds (the kind you put on the bottom to keep it from scratching the floor) as plugs when I can’t find one small enough,.


No, the Super Glue doesn’t crack. I use a very thin layer. Mod Podge works, too. They both make the groove a little smoother so the parts move easily.

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Great thank you so much for sharing that- I hate when my legs are stiff.

I use paper glaze. I smear it carefully around with a qtip

Only on the limbs. I always use a ring on the neck unless the kit doesn’t fit one


I have paper glaze…maybe I should give it a try. Someone said Modge Podge so I just went out and bought it. I like having options.

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The one time I used modge podge it was on wood and dried tacky… never tried it again. lol

I will warn to use a little bit of glaze… the qtip sometimes tries to make it go over the area and on top the visible area… which we dont want… lol
I sometimes have to wipe/clean off my q-tip then keep smearing it around the flange.

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