Please Welcome my Gothic-Glam "Wednesday Addams


Oh my goodness. I am not a fan of making babies into goth, but you did an outstanding job of making her look like Wednesday!! Very impressive.


Wow I really like her, She has such a sweet little face. You did an awesome job.

  Hugs Tina


Wow wow wow! I love her! I am watching her. Do you do layaways?


My 16 year old daughter wants her for Christmas! I am glad you do layaways.


wow, i was afraid to click onit…she is stunning…you do goth proud,she is adorable…and beautiful…


Very nicely done…can I say pretty? She is stunning at that! BOL on her auction!


Wow! I am super impressed! The likeness is remarkable & I never seen that in the sculpt before. Everything was top notch. The pics were creative and the baby was darkly adorable. You have to do more!! How about Elvira???


I bid on her already. My daughter wants her for Christmas!


What a clever idea! I especially loved the picture of you(?) holding her at the first. Best of luck with her auction!


I love her she’s beautiful.
Great idea.


Oh my! I love her! She would be mine if had the money. She’s beautifully done! BOL with her auction!


Oh my goodness she is gorgeous!! Her painting was beautifully done! Is that you holding her in that first picture? You are beautiful too! Well done, I know she’ll do really really well for you!


Very Cool! Great idea!