Please Welcome Madison (Molly sculpt)

I just finished this little one. She has such a smug little face lol like her diaper doesn’t stink lmbo edited to add her new photos

Aww she is such a cutie, Love her hair.

   Hugs Tina

Thanks Tina! Especially about her hair lol I tried something different and I am nervous about it lol

The first thing I noticed was her hair. I love it! How did you do it?

I actually painted it all first (hair I mean) and then I followed that pattern. I found it was a lot easier for me to do it this way. The hair painting was hard but I think with more practice it will be easier. This way I can see how I want it before I actually begin rooting. Thank you foxmom! Hugs Debbie

Oh yours is a cutie. Isn’t her face just adorable!

She’s precious Great job!!!

Thank you Shelly

She’s very cute! Her hair looks great.

Thank you! I just finished her photoshoot so I added better photos lol. She should be ready for adoption in a day or too (need time to do the auction and want to try to get some outside pictures if it ever quits raining here)

She is very pretty!

Thanks Audrey

She is so sweet!! You did a great job!

Thank you Danielle! Hugs Debbie

She is so cute and I love her hair and the length

Thank you!! She just found a Mommy last night along with my ember and Noe!!! The same lady purchased all 3 of them. She is a previous customer so I am over the moon about it. Hugs Debbie