Please take a peek at my baby

Hi ladies,

I’m not sure how to post pics on this forum yet, but I have a favor to ask if you have time. Please take a look at my newest little baby on ebay. The item number is 27054428772 under lullabybabiesnursery. I think I have a fair starting bid and hope she sells for that. Please give me your opinions on the listing. I’ve tried to improve my photos. Anyway, any tips or suggestions appreciated.

correction. The item number is 270544280772.

thank you so much. I really needed that.
Even if she doesn’t sell it’s really nice to hear. I love reborning so much. It’s really therapeutic.

Very cute, best of luck with her… I yet to work on my sophie…
Carmen in nj

She’s gorgeous! Good luck!

Be the change you want to see in the world!!

thank you all. Really appreciated.

You did a beautiful job on her. You have really been very thorough in your e-bay listing, too. Very impressive. Good luck with your beautiful baby.

She’s adorable. Sofi is on my wish list. I love the way she sucks her thumb.

Thank you both,
Sofie was really a joy to reborn.

Wow! What a beautiful baby. BOL to you!!


she is sooooo cute

She’s an adorable cutie.

wow nice job

Your booties and hats are adorable. I can crochet and knit but not really complicated things. I’m trying to learn to knit baby clothes. I enjoyed looking at your precious hand made items.
Thank you