Please Share Your Red Head Babies





This is my little toddler that I made. Sadly he is not rooted though - so I am no help there but I thought I’d join in and share anyway. :smile:


This is my first toddler…
(Cammi by Ping Lau)


I made my first ginger baby, this week.


This is my Izzy…who apparently no one wants. I do my babies in alphabetical order and I’m on W now…so that shows how long she’s been for sale. Personally I love her. I love redheads anyway. I refuse to let her go any cheaper. I’ll just keep her.


Oh my goodness I love this baby! I have the kit, now I have to do her! Thanks for the inspiration!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes, keep her. She looks so real.


I wouldn’t sell her for less than that, either. Her mommy will find her. I had one baby, that I absolutely loved, that was for sale for over a year. I didn’t think I’d ever sell him. Then I took him to a doll show and the first person who saw him was totally crazy about him. She could hardly wait for me to box him back up so she could take him. Then she called me after the show and bought two more.


I made her in to my Ophelia, she is my favorite baby, she goes everywhere with me.

<3 she is gorgeous as a redhead too


This is the third Daisy I’ve done. I just love her funny little face. I’m thinking maybe I should keep her.
Her are the three together. The one in the middle is my zombie…he’s harmless…turned before he grew teeth. LOL


I remeber seeing yours when I bought my first. I have sold 5 daisy sculpts, to locals, just from carrying Ophelia around lol


we are highjacking and making the daisy thread. although I do not think she gets enough appreciation. I’m glad to see her getting some attention


I sold this Holly on etsy.


aw! thank you. i love her too. she’s such a pumpkin.


This is my Erin. She is painted and then rooted sparsely over the paint job.

Got the mohair from eBay. Color was “carrot”. It was yearling and kinda expensive. Don’t remember the seller


Oh yeah, Emily is made from the same hair… But I don’t really like the way it came out… Sorta pluggy, partly cuz she is do small, and cuz the doll already had factory rooted hair holes.

(Under layer is more brown and less orange but mohair is the same)



I LOVE this Pippi!


I just finished Ella today! I painted her with red curly hair. :slight_smile: