Please Share Your Red Head Babies


My cousin’s daughter has the prettiest red hair I’ve ever seen. So now I feel totally inspired to do a red haired baby. Her hair is definitely more on the darker side, definitely more red/auburn than orange, but still very bright and fiery.

I’m wondering if y’all would be willing to share some pics of red haired babies you’ve made? If you rooted his/her hair, what brand and color(s) did you use? Where did you purchase the mohair? If you painted the hair, what mix of colors worked best for you?

Thank you everyone!


Painted the cutest Aria ever, she’s a little red head. Hopefully she’ll see the tag and post a few photos of her.

Here’s my little ginger Hattie Brace. She’s rooted with “Soft Curl Auburn” by Silk Effex. I purchase it from their Etsy Shop.


This is a red haired child doll I made some time ago.


This was actually my first reborn I ever did. The hair was Ruby red.


I love red hair, even Ruby Red, lol.


This is my Nevaeh. She’s rooted with classic redhead by angora mohtique.


Here’s two of mine




This is precious Aurora.


Here is just one of my many red head babies. I have several red head dolls (not just reborn dolls) this baby was rooted by the extremely talented nikkiroc


She is just the cutest. Love her hair! Thank you for sharing!


That hair is stunning! Now I want a ginger toddler :wink: Thank you for sharing!


This was your first reborn?!?!? Stunning! You have a natural talent! Thank you for sharing!


Awww, I love her! Thank you for sharing!


I love them! Thank you for sharing!


Awwwww, so cute! Thank you for sharing!


She’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


Awww, look at the precious face! So cute! Thank you for sharing!


Awwww, she’s so cute! Thank you for sharing!