Please say hi to baby tanner now theodore

Hi all
I have just finished Tanner now Theodore and wanted to share some pictures with you but cannot see how you upload your photo’s…HELP PLEASE
I have reborned him in indigenous colours and would love to hear your thoughts
Hugs Cherry

no pic to see

Sorry but do not know how to get the pictures there so I put him in the section for finished dolls
Hugs Cherry

You need to upload the pictures to a photo host, like photobucket.
Then copy the image code and insert it into your posts.

Oh OK I will give it a go now and thank you

Great job!! Love him, he’s amazing

He is super! You did a wonderful job, and I love the eyebrows…

Everything about him is great. You did his painted hair especially the hair on the temple/side area really really good. His coloring is wonderful.
I love him!!!

He is adorable.

Ladies thank you very much and also thanks for helping me understand how to upload the photo’s

Wow Cherry, he’s darling!! I really love how you shaped the eyebrows!! GREAT job!

He is such a sweetie,I love his skin tone and baby pimples.

     Hugs Tina

He is amazing!! I never pictured Tanner AA before, but you sure made it work. The skintone and hair are phenominal!

He looks great as an AA baby. Well done…