This is off topic but please understand it is for a GOOD reason and TIME SENSITIVE !!!

There is a lil 5 yr old boy here in Michigan and his name is Noah.He is in the final stages of his 2-1/2 yr long battle with Neuroblastoma cancer.He wont make it until Christmas so his family is celebrating Christmas next week…
When Noah was asked what he wanted for Christmas he said “lots and lots of Christmas cards!!!”… Bless his heart…he could ask for anything and he wants cards!!

PLEASE,PLEASE make a little boys last simple wish come true!!! If you dont have a Christmas card just make one or send him a note wishing him a Merry Christmas!!! Thank you ladies and please pass this on!!!
Please send cards to:

Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon , MI 48178

Awww how sad the poor little guy. I will look for some xmas card’s asap!!!

I looked it up on Snopes.
It is true.

Poor little guy.

edited to add: it is not that I didn’t believe it, but I look a lot of stuff up on snopes anymore.

Kim, you are awesome to post this! I’M IN! I’ve got Christmas cards, and one will go out first thing in the morning! You are someone’s angel today!!!

That is sweet - I passed the message along to0

Thanks ladies, I knew I could count on you ladies for some cards!!!

Yes,sadly it is true…my sons teacher knows the family but I know what you mean about checking Snopes, so many rumors get started that I dont blame you a bit for checking it out!


That brought tears to my eyes. I am going to send that very brave young man some xmas cards - we can make some this weekend.

I am also going to post on RA.

— Begin quote from “tilly”

That brought tears to my eyes. I am going to send that very brave young man some xmas cards - we can make some this weekend.

I am also going to post on RA.

— End quote

Thank you Tilly, please post it there!!!

OH how sad, poor little babe. This is just making me cry. Of course I will send him a card. God bless him and his family.

so sad i just can’t imagine

i am heading to walmart when hubby gets home and i will be getting a card:))

What a little trooper. Of all the things he could ask for, he chooses cards! Well I have a feeling that he’ll get his wish and then some.

This reminds me of a story I read yesterday where a six year old girl was diagnosed with brain cancer. After her death her parents found little notes and drawings she had made for them hidden all over the house. In CD cases, between books, in drawers and cupboards. What wisdom for a six year old.

I hope little Noah gets a lot of cards. I know I’ll be sending him one! Thanks for letting us know.

I will send out a card tomorrow. That poor little one, and his poor family.
I will say a prayer for the family as well.

Sending a card and prayers their way! May God bless this family and little Noah!!

I will be sure to send this sweet little guy a card. This reminds me of a little boy that was a patient of mine 5 years ago. He too died of neuroblastoma at the age of five. He was so sweet. One night I was chewing some gum while at work and he asked for a piece. I gave him the rest of the pack and it just made his day. He was so sick, yet so happy and easy to please. He ended up dying between Christmas and New Years Eve. Whenever I see his parents they just love talking about Sean and they still miss him so much. The hardest thing anyone must endure is losing a child and I just hope and pray I never have to go through that.

just addressed mine…prayers to him and his family…

Am sending Noah cards from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sweet baby, that is a hard disease on a little one. Sherry

I just made Noah a little goody package up to send tomorrow. I looked on his website, wow how gorgeous that precious little angel is. And how brave! Broke my heart! We lost a 6 year old niece about 15 years ago to this and I feel so bad for the family too. Ashley lost her sight and went blind before she went to heaven.

Noah will be getting cards from folks here in Washington state. I asked my daughter to let her friends know at her high school tomorrow. I know they will want to help fill up that mailbox!!!

Wow, looks like this little guy will get LOTS of cards! I’ll send one also and pass the word along.


I feel so sad for Noah and his family,I will send a card from Australia and get some friends to send some also.