Please read if you're waiting on your DD order!

Hi all! I called DD today because the order I placed a couple weeks ago when they had their sale hadn’t come yet. I was getting worried it was lost in the mail. They no longer answer so you have to leave a MSG, which I did. She called me back tonite about 8pm & I explained it to her. I’m sorry, I’ve talked to her before & I can’t remember her name.
ANYWAY! long story short it never showed up in their system. She looked it up in paypal and called me right back to say yes, my payment was made to them. I’m the second person that had that happen. It’s a paypal glitch. She was so very nice (as she was when I placed my first order with them-Arianna-that I’m not brave enough to touch yet). She added a pair of eyes to my order for the inconvenience, which I think is very nice. I’m nowhere near ready to actually do these kits I’m ordering so it didn’t really hurt me.
I wanted to let you know if you paypal’d for an order and it hasn’t arrived you should call.