Please meet my 3 latest baby,s

hi ladie,s please meet my three latest baby,s magsbk


and just born jack

thanks for peeking

Mag, your babies are gorgeous, I love Michelle.


3 thumbs up they are all so real looking. They are all just stunning.

WOW! Beautiful babies. I love Michelle too

I love your babies and the way you display them. They are so real looking. Do you use Genesis to paint them? You did a great job!!!

They are all such beautiful babies, i don’t know which one i like the best i’d say they are all equal



Awww. They are all sooo cute. Love the second little baby. He is TDF!

I LOVE your Michelle!!! She looks so real. Did you sell her or is she a keeper?

Oh my goodness, they are all so “Cute” and realistic looking…
Michelle is just awesome, really… one of the very best I’ve seen of her.

they are all so cute love them

thank you sooooooooo much for the lovely compliments on my baby,s ladie,s , i use genesis and i like how they paint ,i havent tried the other paints ,yes she,s a keeper hun xx i hope you all had a lovely christmas ,its great to be back magsbk

i must say stunning

all adorable! nice work.