Please help

my babies always come out to dark and this one I am working on looks powdery I have added many thin layers this is my 4th peach kit and 4th doll for that matter i just can not get the skin tones right. they still look like vinyl and not like real babies any idea why is there any one in ky that is a reborner

I hope someone answers soon. I have the exact same question.

What colors are you using? Are you using Genesis or a different paint? How long are you baking for and at what temp? Are you using a guage for the oven for the temp?

I am using ghp and the oven set at 250 for 8 min and yes I use an oven therm. and I use flesh 8 with a little white and the premix skin tone color

Well, a couple things I might try are turning your oven temp up to 265-275 and baking 8 min. If there is any chance that the chalkiness is due to it not being completely cured that should help. Some other things to try might be switching what type of thinner you use. If you use spirits, try genesis thinning medium and visa versa. Also, make sure you aren’t using the same exact flesh color for each layer. If so, you will lose definition between the layers. For example (I like working dark to light) you might try using flesh 06/07 first, then a bit lighter, then a layer of flesh 08 mixed with purple or pink or yellow (not to change the color, use such a tiny amount that it barely changes the hue!!) and so on…
One other suggestion would be to let the pieces dry completely before you bake. If you find any chalkiness, you can light wipe it off with a dry towel and it will remove excess paint before it is cured.
At least, thats what I do.

Your oven temp needs to be higher 265 to 280 for the 8 mins. I set my oven for 285 but it runs a little cooler than what the temp says and I bake for 8 mins. Are you baking on a cookie sheet? I have found that if you do this you want to make sure to let all of the pieces dry before baking to prevent any moist spots. I personally use a rack it is made of wood with wooden pegs this way there is nothing touching the pieces and they get an even cooking. You may not be thinning your paint enough or pouncing enough either. As for the color I use baby flesh or flesh 08 and 07 for the very first coat, I then do a flesh 08 ochre yellow mix for the second, after the second I do the blue where I want that as well as the veins, I then do the flesh 08 and ochre again then I do a puple (eyelid purple) mixed with a tad of red wash then go back to the flesh layers again lol hope that this helps

where can I buy the ochre yellow and do you use the blue vein to do the blue and were sorry for all the ?s still kinda new

is it just yellow or is it actually called ochre yellow cause I can not find ochre yellow on bb

Hmmm, I’m not finding it on BB right now either. For some reason it seems like they run out of it quite frequently. Secrist carries it, but only in 1oz jars. think you could make your own version of this color using yellow and burnt sienna. I know some who don’t use yellow ochre at all and prefer to use only the burnt sienna and like the results with just that too.