Please help which eyes colors look better

I need you opinon which eyes looks better on her.I still rooting her big big big big did I mention big head do you think of her so far.
phala pic you fav

picture 1 eye blue

picture 2 light brown

I like the brown ones.

I like the brown too. That is a LOT of hair…

Brown hon I love her hair…she is going to be beautiful… sherrie

I think the brown looks better on her…love the hair…

I like the brown best. (and if it was me I would use a larger eye to eliminate the stare look)

I like the brown better as well. I think she is coming out beautifully!! I can not wait to see her all finished up. How much of her hair do you have left to finish? Hugs

I agree with luvraggadys bigger eyes!!! and def the brown !!!

Bigger eyes and Brown lol or a Hazel color