Please help me with pricing this baby!

Hello everyone! I’m thinking of selling my reborn, but I have not sold any before. I was hoping some of the wonderful people on the forum could help me!
She is Ashley Asleep by BB. Although she’s not perfect, I took my time painting her and she is well done. She’s filled with poly fill and weighting with the glass beads sold by BB. She has a magnet in place to take a magnetic pacifier. I’ve attached some pictures of her as both a girl and a boy. In your opinion, what would be a fair price for her?
Thank you so much!!
Also, i have a reborn Instagram if you’re interested in following:) littlesparrownursery



She looks good! I would recommend looking on to see what other dolls made from this kit and at your skill level are priced at and base it off of that. Don’t forget to pay yourself, so don’t go too low and lose money! PS. I love your nursery name! My new puppy’s name is Sparrow

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Thank you so much! That’s a great idea! I appreciate it !!

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