PLEASE HELP me out with my elf question again

im sort of sorry i put this little elf on ebay same person AGAIN why have i pierced this boys ears. my daughter responded with this answer this is a whimsical baby he is an elf can be boy or girl. my grandson has his ears pierced and he is only 16 months old. now the person wants to know if he is an elf why arnt his ears shaped like an elf. help what do i do i am so fed up with this i know i wont do a 99 cent reserve again. i have 2 bids on him her or it lol help me please. marlene … :MESELX:IT

i have now blocked her as it just harassment now. the doll is 99 cents,

That’s the best thing to do is ignore them. Honestly though, if I were selling it as a boy I would take the earrings out. The holes should shrink back up, especially if you heat them a bit with a heat gun. You might need to put a little matte varnish over them and heat it if they don’t shrink all the way.

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Problems for sure. She’d probably get it and then want to know why each thing was done that way & be unhappy.

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Yep my thinking too!

thank you for that i needed it . marlene