Please critique this baby ASAP UPDATED with new pics after

Ok I went and did a mint green wash and also a wash to warm her up. Please tell me what you think of her now. was she better before or now and do I need to do anything else with her coloring.
Thanks for the help.
The new pictures are the first three and the old pictures are the last four

This is the first reborn I have done sence a few months before Alayah was born and I know I have forgotten some steps.
I am doing this reborn for a friend at work that asked me to and she has been waitng on me to get her done for 6 months. She does not want the splotchy newborn look but more a peaches and cream look.
I was not sure if I could even remember how to do it anymore and I am sure I have forgotten some steps.
I want very honest opinions on this baby. If you see something that does not look right please tell me and also tell me what you think the best way to correct the problem. I feel like a total newbie all over again. Do you think she is to pale in color ? I still need to add eyebrows and nail tips, gloss to her lips and matt finish but wanted to see what you all think before i do anymore. Also are her lips to dark?
When she is all done I will be giving her fawn blond hair if that helps you decide if she is to pale.

Thanks for any help you can give and remember be honest I can take it. If you think I need to strip her down and start over tell me that too.

PS these pictures were taken in the kitchen under floresent lighting wiuth no flash cause it was already dark outside by the time i got this far.
NEW PICTURES after did the two washes.



I am not an expert only a begginner but she looks very good to me
Hugs Julie

I dont see anything wrong with her …Looks good to me…

looks good to me…
Carmen in nj

She’s beautiful. Not overlyblushed but still has a little bit of newborn look. She will be so precious with blond hair. I love giving my reborns as gifts. It is something that really does come from your heart and soul.
Thanks for sharing her with us.

looking very sweet indeed… ?sherrie

I tried to be very objective but I honestly could not find anything wrong with her
Just like riding a bike

oh thanks everyone.
I was so afraid that she looked to pale or something, I was so afraid to even start her and kept putting it off but then my friend would ask about her every day and I felt so bad to always tell her that I had not even started her yet.

Thanks again for all your nice comments. I will do the finishing touches and then get to rooting her head.
My friend should have her but the end of the week.


Being the odd one out, I would agree with your first thoughts that she needs a bit of warmth added to her skin tone. Maybe a watered down layer of warm blush.

would you do me a big favor those of you who post your babies. PLEASE tell us which one it is.
I love some of them and have no idea of which baby they are. thank you…

Hi Carolyn, she is looking good but I have to agree that she could use some warm tones. I use the baby skin color, then the warm blush, then I do the blushing of the cheeks, knees, elbows, etc.

Thanks everyone for your advice about warmiong her up. Whe I get home tonight I am going to try to warm her up. I will post pictures when I have her all finished.
Thanks so much again for all your help.

She looks great! Warming her up was good. She’s so pretty. You really made a nice baby.

If we are not mistaken this is Meg from BB -Very sweet baby Carolyn!!!

She looks VERY GOOD!!! She is going to be so precious with your rooted mohair!

— Begin quote from “Cher_Simnitt”

If we are not mistaken this is Meg from BB -Very sweet baby Carolyn!!!

— End quote

Yep this is meg from BB

Much better!

She is looking so good now! Can’t wait to see her finished. I love Meg.

Meg is on my wish list but as I already have a dozen or so kits to get on with she will have o wait (unless BB put her as a DOTD of course). If you want to warm her up more without fear of making her look burnt use a wash of orange, it works great.