Please cheer her on! Luca, now Grace!

I’ve got a new baby on ebay today! I’m not sure what happened with my listing when I posted it…it’s missing it’s pretty color border, but it’s up! And that’s a struggle for me, so I’m not touching it anymore! What a head to root! I didn’t think I would ever finish that one! But I love her! … :MESELX:IT

She’s a beauty and I love your pictures too.

She’s beautiful! I love her hair. BOL with her auction!

she is a very beautiful baby,

Absolutely adorable…BOL with her auction!

She is Beautiful and she already has a bid!

Wow she is beautiful, She;ll do good for you. I love your rooting.

    Hugs tina

Thanks ladies! She got a bid right away and I was so hopeful…but we are winding down now, the auction ends on Sunday, and we are stuck with the one bid. I don’t want to let her go at that price! I understand needing to sell a few to be recognizable (sp?) as an artist, but that’s just making me sad! Fingers crossed that people are just trying to sneak in on Sunday. We’ll see!

She is gorgeous and is definately my all time favorite sculpt. Others are crazy about the luca baby too and yours is done very well. My guess is that at the end of her auction, she will get more bids. Just hang in there and hope for the best.

She is just beautiful, I love her with darker hair. Everyone seem’s to do that kit in blonde!!! I hope she soar’s for you very soon, she is well worth it.

She is delightful and her sparse hair is lovely.Luca is one of my favourites…as I see she is yours to.

She’s adorable. I love Luca, and you’ve done an amazing job on her! BOL with her auction!