Please cheer for my pooor baby on ebay!

Could you all just please cheer this little guy on for me? I listed him in the marketing section He’s having a hard time on ebay!

— Begin quote from “iseekqnurseries”

I’m cheering him on, he’s a cutie. I dont see anything wrong with him , ebay is just very slow.I think the economy. Bol with his auction. Hope he soars for you.

   Hugs Tina

— End quote

Thanks Tina! Well looks like he has found a Mommy. He has his first 99 cent bid. Kinda scary but hopefully he will go up some. Ebay has been terrible for me this fall.

He is a cutie and worth so much more than the current bid…hope he soars to so much more for you…

Oh, please, he’s lovely!!!

Where are the loving mummies of the world, right?

I’m sure he’ll be “adopted” anytime soon!


— Begin quote from “JubileeJ”

What a sweet little guy. Is this the one I liked bald so much too?

— End quote

Yes, he was my little bald guy, that I had on here a little while ago.
Thanks everyone for all the encouragement!