Playing the matchmaker... Who does she look like?

So, I was contacted by a mommy who wants a replica of her gorgeous girl. The features that were more obvious were the full lips, chubby cheeks and eyes.

I searched like crazy and thought I had “nailed it” with But the mom didn’t agree, she thinks her girl’s eyes are rounder and her face is longer…

Not untrue, but, you know… I can’t scupt!

If you wanna have a go, here she is:

In my opinion Bright Eyes looks like she was modeled off of that adorable baby! Sorry, I don’t have any other ideas. Best of luck!

I thought the very same thing, Christina…

I’m about to tell her that I give up. Too much trouble for very little, since the price I gave her is basically what I’d be spending to make the baby.

Because I’m only starting, anything is a big thing, but I just might pass on this one…

Hopefully someone will come along and point out another perfect match… but I’m not crazy about really picky customers, they just don’t seem to understand that there is no exact and perfect match for any one baby.
I’m sorry you’re in this situation, it’s not a fun place to be I imagine.

That first photo looks like Jolina by Manilla Muth to me.

Allysa by Claire Taylor
Tessa by Didy Jacobsen
Ginger by Lilianne Breedveld

I think it is so hard to pick a sculpt from pics because we just have the one or two images to match while the parents have a lifetime of memories. I think your match to the picture was very close but maybe one of the ones I suggested will appeal to her more.

Noale by Adrie?

Well, she is a sleeping kit and finding one might be hard but the mouth in the second picture looks a bit like Kelly Ann.

I’ve got a sleeping photo of her that looks just like “Sugar”! But her mom wants her awake. BTW, her Mom gave me 10 pictures and she looks like a different baby in each and every one of them! So strange!

I’d like to thank everyone for helping so far (and if you’ve got any other ideas, you can keep them coming…)

What I’m doing right now is making a collage of over 20 different faces. I have included the ones you guys pointed me to and MANY more.

Now the Mom will be the one on the spot: she can either chose one or give up herself…

in the first pic of her, she looks like the Sugar sculpt to me…can you open the eyes just a little on the Sugar sculpt?? I know alot of people do that, and then she would have her little chunky baby…good luck

Have the mom tell you the pic she wants to match out of the 10.

Even though she sent the first pic she doesnt want the baby to look like that.

I would show her only kits under $50 since you gave her such a low price.
Maybe one of the BB would match?
Look at all the sale kits for a match.