Playing around making Reborn Videos

I played around with my Kodak flip video camera today and made a couple baby videos. I still need to work on better lighting and focus.

Here is Addison.

Here is Noo Noo

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Thanks for sharing your videos. I really enjoyed watching them. They were well done and you kept my interest throughout.

Thanks ! I did have a bit of a pause there where I was looking for my tape measure on the Noo Noo video but I hoped it didn’t seem too long. The software that came with my camera won’t run on my computer so I am not able to edit the videos at this time as Windows media won’t upload .mov files. I am also still trying to figure out how to get the lighting good enough so that you can see accurate coloring and details on the babies.

I use Aleene’s paper glaze to gloss my eyes. It dries harder than regular air dry glosses. It is thicker too but easy to get air bubbles if you aren’t careful. I read this tip some place and it works great so now this is how I do it. Take your brush and dip it in clean water then tap off so it is wet but not drippy. Then dip that brush into the Paper Glaze and paint the glaze quickly onto the eyes. Be sure your head is laying so that the glaze sets on the eyes evenly. Leave to dry several hours. It works to glaze the eyes and seal the lashes strips.