I have seen around people advertising playborns and children’s reborns. Exactly what is the difference in a playborn/child’s reborn and a regular reborn doll. I know sometimes the children’s dolls are bald or painted hair but I have also seen them rooted also.


I think the main difference is just the mohair thing.


I thought maybe it was the sculpts were the less expensive or they used berenguers. But mohair does tangle a lot worse.


Most are modified and not quite as much $$ has gone into them. Anjsmiles does ‘playborns’ for sure…they are on her website. When I have made babies for kids I paint the hair, weigh them a bit lighter and it is usually a kit that was drastically on sale or a Berenguer from my dwindling collection. (Sure do wish the 21" LaBaby’s would come back)


I have seen them usually bald or painted. I don’t think I would root hair for a child’s doll. The weighting would be an important consideration. Children tend to pick up a doll by the arm. If weighted like “normal”, this would put stress on the joint and on the fabric. Also, I have seen people use the fabric bodies from the original Berenguer babies. Often, too, the eyes are a cheaper quality.


I agree-- I wouldnt weight the doll as much, and I definitely wouldnt add mohair- because even an adult holding it can get the mohair tangled! Painting would be the same, unless you wanted to go and do an even less expensive version for customers, with lighter painting, but still detailing (if you kinda know what I am trying to say)


I did about 6 child friendly reborns. A few months later, I decided not to do anymore. Why? Because the parents didn’t teach their children how to take care of them. They were filthy and scuffed. Some of them had loose limbs from the child carrying by an arm or leg. The last thing I wanted was for parents to tell other people that I had made these dirty, scuffed, disgusting looking dolls.


You can buy the little 14" berenguers at K mart , a lot of people use them for the playborns for little ones. They only enhance them and they do not weight them very much at all and they usuallly leave the hair as it comes from the factory…Some people on ebay are even referring them as reborns, which they are not, they are enhanced. They are really cute for the little ones .


That is a question I have. If they strip all the old paint off, add new paint and hair and weight them, add magnets…does that make them a true reborn? At what point is it enhanced and at what point is it reborn? I’m now doing mostly newborns (kits) but have thought about redoing some of my girls dolls or even berenguers just to do them. But if I sell one, I don’t want to misled a customer by using the wrong terms. Any suggestions? Like the mini circo dolls…they are adorable and now that I have mohair, that will probably work better than the human hair. I remove the old paint and take all the steps (add paint and hair and a magnet for hair bows) but leave the fabric body and eyes the same. So reborn or enhanced?


That would be a reborn in reality but make sure you list the type of doll in sub title and in content.
So they understand it’s not a kit reborn.


Thanks! I have only sold one and made it clear exactly what it was. That’s the only way to go…being honest even if things don’t sell for as much, I know the person knows what they are getting.


“I did about 6 child friendly reborns. A few months later, I decided not to do anymore. Why? Because the parents didn’t teach their children how to take care of them. They were filthy and scuffed. Some of them had loose limbs from the child carrying by an arm or leg. The last thing I wanted was for parents to tell other people that I had made these dirty, scuffed, disgusting looking dolls.”

Boy I hear that! It’s a real liability when you sell anything intended or advertised for kids.
PayPal will just remove the funds almost instantly out of your account if a buyer claims any remorse or anything. There is no real way for a seller to complain about wrong doings too a great Seller, let alone a artist.
Often kids will demand a new toy, only to destroy or toss it aside within days of getting it. And like you said they can give you bad feedback and reclaim their funds within 14 days/30days of sale and you really can’t do anything about it. eBay really isn’t the best place for one of kind art.


I have a question about a doll for a one-year old. He’s basically my grandson since his mom calls me mom and she’s just down the street at her mom’s. Ryan is turning a year old and he is showing interest in my babies - mostly in eating them if they aren’t put together. But my son had his first baby doll when he was nine months old and so did my daughters. Josh slept with his every night for years plus he had a toddler doll that he dressed up starting from the time he was two. He’s now a fantastic dad, changes diapers, reads to her at two months old, gets up and gets her and brings her to mommy at night if she isn’t already in their bed LOL (he said he wouldn’t do that but can’t bear for her to sleep all alone!)

So even though I know Ryan’s dad is one of those macho "my son won’t…) kind of guys, I wanted Ryan to have a baby for his birthday even if he had to keep it here. His mom and grandma will let him play with dolls. I got a used doll for $5 since I couldn’t find one I liked new that was the right size. I’ll post a photo so you can tell me if it looks like a boy or not. If not, I’ll start again. I’ll have to make the poor baby some clothes and a quilt and pillow. Plus get a couple of doll bottles. And then something else that is all boy so his daddy doesn’t think I’m trying to turn Ryan into a sissy. I’ve bought him baby toys regularly so he shouldn’t think that but you know how some men are. If it were my son, he’d love that his son was learning to be a good dad. And I plan on treating Ryan as if he were my grandson. So check out the photo. And yes, I know the toy companies have to say over two but they are crazy! PS I love this doll’s purple eyes. I plan to paint the teeth but otherwise he looks great.


My boys play with baby dolls every once in awhile. My oldest has a modified (by me) berenguer that I found at a yard sale. He named it Bussie. I have no clue where the name came from. I tried to dress her as a boy to appease his dad and papaw, and he threw a fit. Bussie is a girl and does not wear boy clothes. Any way good for you for getting your “grandson” a baby. I think the one you found is adorable.


When my son was three, he had to get his tonsils and adnoids taken out and tubes also put in his ears. I walked about five miles to Toys are Us and five miles back to buy him a My Buddy doll because I didn’t have a car at that time. Sure was a long time ago. He loved that doll. He kept it well into his teens. He is a great father today too and changes diapers etc when his wife had the babies.
Kids today just are not taught by their parents to treasure and take care of what they are given. It is a trashed throw away society and most homes are filthy dirty because the children are not taught to clean and help at home. I would love to make reborns for my granddaughters but they have smaller siblings and I know what would happen.


Josh had a My Buddy doll too. It got the coloring faded when it was in a hot shed but I still have it. I figure someday I can repaint it and he can give it to Catherine or maybe later he will have a boy. He played house and dolls with Jamie for years, even with her having Barbies and his big GI Joe. Ryan was carrying around his baby here at the house yesterday. He seems to really like it. I still have to make clothes for the baby and may just keep it here for now. Not sure what he has at home or whether his daddy would just stick it up somewhere out of reach.

And mommacarrie, good for your son for sticking up for his baby! He knows he wants a little girl and there is nothing wrong with having a “daddy’s girl” even if he is young!