Pigment properties & dirty creases


Yes, she was my third and last attempt with air dry paint. Here she is.

sorry about that sideways picture, I don’t know how to fix them.


Wow what a sweetie. May I get as good as you one day!!


Thank you. Don’t worry the day will come when you will surpass all of us!! Keep going!!


Just do a flesh 08 wash and bake and then do it again if needed it will greatly lessen your creases :slight_smile:


Thank you for the encouragement! I’m hoping to have it as a hobby especially when I retire in a few years. I’ll have more time. Too much fun. :blush:


Thank you for the advise


Even after baking ,you can take a toothpick and gently scrape and some of it will come out of the creases and they will look a little better.


You can dip the toothpick in 100% IsoPropyl Alcohol and remove all the granules you do not want in the creases.


This is great info!!


I found out the hard way. I needed another flesh wash or so and my creases began to disappear. lol


MY FAVORITE SASKIA!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Super Information, Thanks so much!!! :heart:


@nikkiroc, you’re so funny-------just a little late to the post, right!! Hey if you click on the sideways picture it will show the whole thing, it’s still sideways but at least you can see all of it. I Love Saskia, she’s one of my favs. She’s the third one I did with air dry and my last.


I had to comment because I love her so much!!! I wish I had her twin!!!


When I have this issue, I get out the toothpicks. You can clean up most of it using a toothpick. I use a stiff brush to help get the excess out.