Pictures of Toy Room with Dolls as promised

LOVE it I love toys too. I love how you have everything so organized.




I can see why you’d be all happy when you go in there! It’s a great room! Thanks for sharing.

That’s a beautiful room! It’s so clean. Hopefully your kids will keep it that way Your mom is so lucky for getting your Vanessa. I really love that doll! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Love, love, love your Vanessa! I want her!

Great room! I wish now I had kept more of my daughter’s toys from their childhood. They just don’t make stuff like that anymore!

AAAAHHHHHH so sweet. I miss our toy room when the kids were little. Now they are teens and older and only play with video games.
Enjoy it while you have it soon they grow up.

— Begin quote from “Karen in NE”

What a fun room! I’d love to have one like that!

— End quote

Me too, how fun.

 Hugs tina

What a fantastic looking “fun” room. I could spend hours in there…