Picture of last doll you worked on


@ LisaLynn Thank you it is just blankets @Theara they are Ashley Awake and asleep


This sweet potato who is practically painting herself :blush:


Look at those sweet little dimples


I managed to hide the burnt spot on the very top of the head. It’s a free play doll but I still get mad at my rush failure.


Love her little dress!


The little girl getting this free doll will adore here!


Shes really adorable and who can see t h e burned spot ? Heck it’s a doll birthmark anyway.!


She needs this doll dad went to prison and mom has a substance abuse problem. She is my good friends God daughter and if mom messes up again she will be living with my friend. At least dad took care of that. Maybe her Christmas will be a little better than it would have been.


You are a good friend for helping her out.


Savannah is the last baby I worked on


I just finished sweet Nellie Brace and am shocked at how big she is! Here she is laying next to tiny Darren


i saw her on kijiji this morning
so cute




Finally finished one… photo shoot coming soon.


Pretty cute!


Naomi from bb :grinning:, she was in the traveling pants box from @heartstringsnursery :heart:


I’m trying to finish Spencer and resist the stripping urge. Wait… hahahaha!


Camera is currently broken and not taking photos well, but here’s a blurry picture of my Madison.


My Londyn!


Just gorgeous!!