Picture of last doll you worked on


Twin B …maybe a blondie if I dont have any baby brown left


…… unfinished and now packed away for awhile due to spring cleaning, reno’s and a general lack of mojo.

I had actually rooted a strip of hair at the nape of the neck using alpaca but found that it was falling out easily. On inspection with a good light I see that a portion of the hair was not rooted completely thru the vinyl, so I pulled it all out and will attempt it again at a later date.

So if your Alpaca hair is thinning, this could be your problem.
And I did finally get back to finishing his hair and him.


Custom Gabriel for a little girls birthday.


Ultimately, it’s up to you and if you want to sacrifice the time it takes to root but, I do think she makes a cute baddie!..and I almost always say add hair :blush:


Your Grant is darling!


Oh my goodness Lynette, he is precious :blush::two_hearts:


I put this guy together yesterday:


Adalyn by Aleina Peterson. Sold on BB




Mei Lien by Ping Lau now Caitlyn


Mei Lin is so pretty


Thank you ! we are pleased with her


I rooted one of mine with synthetic hair, and the other with mohair. I just didn’t do a super fine root on either. I used a 38 gauge. Then I used a finer needle right at the front. The synthetic hair only took about 3 hours. The mohair took maybe 8ish. It really wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. Both customers were kids, but even their mothers were completely satisfied with the hair. It didn’t look pluggy. But each plug had enough hair to get a thick head of hair without a lot of extra work.


If I could like this baby of yours 10x I would


Finishing up sweet Ethon. His smile is my favorite. :heart_eyes:


She’s a gorgeous kit. You made her look very pretty. And where is everyone getting these beautiful eyes? Yours, an Ethon I saw and a few others had realistic eyes.


Thank you so much. That’s such a boost at a time when I am contemplating giving up reborning. Taking a break right now and I’ll see how I feel about it next year. :relaxed:


Mine are just normal acrylics (probably from BB) and then I gloss them with pledge


They look like glass. I need to try pledge.


I have some really nice human hair I am thinking about trying.