Picture of last doll you worked on


Working on the Levi kit. Here’s my WIP photo. This face looked a little flat to me so I added some additional details. I haven’t trimmed any hairs including his eyelashes can’t seem to find my scissors Hope you guys like him


I did her little lashes last night. Now just waiting for the glue to dry.


She looks perfect! So newborn! And those eyelashes are perfect, they remind me of my nephew’s when he was first born


Thank you. I can’t wait to finish her up.


She looks so real, I am excited to see her put together too! You did an amazing job on her lips


Thank you!


Finished Gracie and am now sealing Daisy.


She’s Skya asleep. :slight_smile:


So beautiful!


Thank you Estelle!


I put my little Saskia boy together tonight. Ill have to do a photo shoot and list him later this week. Im in love with him, he’s so cute…if I do say so myself ;). Second pic is my daughter holding him, she loves him too :slight_smile:


He’s very cute…I love his little feeties :slight_smile:


He is so cute :heart_eyes:


I love how he looks being held, he looks like he is having fun! You did such a beautiful job on him. Does he already have a mommy?


Nope…Ive been working on him in-between customs. My daughter and I didnt want to put him in the baby bin so he is in her room in the bouncy seat tonight :wink:


Thank you :blush:


@Phassell Amazing lip color!


@Lil, you guys want me to buy Saskia kit too!But in that case I’ll keep her/him :wink:


Yeah, this one is going to be hard to give up but I do get to hold onto him for a bit longer :blush:


Saskia and Darren will be finished in a day or so, and all three of these are heading home this week! Waiting for the weather to get warmer. It’s -45 here