Picture of last doll you worked on


I love that face. What kit is that you are working on? You are doing a great job.


Thank you Ruth. It is Sawyer by Emily Jameson.


June Awake:


She is looking so adorable!


I don’t remember if I shared my Twin B. :thinking:




Last doll was in december, Realborn Laila.


She’s beautiful! I love that kit :grinning::heart:


Just finished this little guy last week. He is the River kit by Toby Morgan. He is a large preemie/small newborn size and is a little cuddle bug. I painted him to be a half Korean/half Caucasion baby (like my 2 granddaughters). I named him Garam, which means River in Korean.


This little guy is ready to be assembled now


Adorable! Love those big dark eyes :heart_eyes:


They’re “ethnic brown” from MacPherson’s, they’re super pretty! They were a tight fit since I went up a size but they look way better than the 18mm


I tried combination hair. I love how much faster painting is than rooting but I definitely need more practice. For my first try though, I don’t absolutely hate it.


I got his photos done! I love him. The only thing that I really dislike is his creases and part of the rooting map stained his head. Luckily not in the front, only the swirl area. I need to fix it somehow before I can sell him because it’s quite obvious



What sculpt is this? She’s cute


Im about to do my first combo hair. I was going to leave her as is (Zuri cuddle baby) but I have some hair that matches perfectly so Im going to try rooting some on the top.
I think yours looks pretty good, it seems to go along with the painted hair…


Darren II WIP. He has given me fits this time around.


Thank you.


I feel your pain. I am working on a Lavender that is giving me no end of trouble. I have had paint magically disappear from the head in one area twice. Then today there was a bubble that surfaced in the vinyl. In order to keep it from peeling for a customer, I removed it and patched the area. Now to color match… such a problem child.