Picture of last doll you worked on


Length is good, @Simone. Idk about you but whenever I start fiddling, trying to cut off a micron of hair, I end up messing them up. :smile:


I don’t think so. You could add a bit more on the left eye, inside corner


Caitlin by Jannie de Lange


This is the last baby I worked on: Ramsey sculpt by Cassie Brace.


Ramsey is so cute and squishy! Love!


Thank you, he is really cute.


Adorable, @lynn!


Each baby is a learning process for me. I’m hoping to be able to paint more this year than I was able to last year.





Caitlin by Jannie de Lange


My fist drawn on hair.


Here is Zoey by Cassie Brace.


She is stunning, you captured all the details of a blonde fair skinned baby girl perfectly. She looks so realistic!


Ramsey by Cassie Brace.


I’ve been working on 12 dolls at the same time, but here’s sweet pea. Can’t wait to get a new camera so I can take better quality pictures. (Taken with flash)


Tonight I’m doing her rooted lashes and magnet
Assembling tomorrow (I hope)
Hope to get her listed tomorrow.

@kareninflorida PRECIOUS GIFT LOLOL


Soooo PRECIOUS! :heart:


Started rooting Tink with gorgeous hair from @Rainbowbabies Chase is next up on the rooting pillow after Tink.


Working on this sweetness tonight