Picture of last doll you worked on




Juliana Ping WIP.



Sophia Grace by Natalie Scholl


This is the last one I worked on.


I didn’t paint this sweet girl. I just rooted her hair

I used this little Ashton Drake doll to experiment with powders

And, the last time I actually painted a doll was nearly a year ago :scream: and poor Lennox still sits unfinished :confused:


My last doll I worked on - Roux by Cassie Brace


Ashley awake. For Molly M here on the forum.


Which sculpt is this? Such a pretty baby!


This is happening today. My first ethnic baby


WIP Ashley sleeping.


This is the last one I did before I moved. Well there was this mermaid…not sure about her, lol.

Cuddle Zombie Baby


Okay here are more photos of Kenzie her head is not attached because I am still deciding if I want to root hair or not what are your thoughts on it?


last ones I’ve been working on


Just a hair brushing for grant to try and get a natural light picture for someone interested in him :slight_smile:


It’s Lisa by Linde Scherer. She’s very cute and has sweet chubby limbs.


Miles was my first reborn .I finally finished him today


top one is the one I just finished Dominic awake
second one is the one I am currently working on Isabella by Regina S.


Umm gorgeous!!!


What a sweet little girl. Sculpt please?