Picture of last doll you worked on


Love it, she perfect and her photo shoot too!!


Thank you! :heart: I had to make him cuter! :wink: He’s gotta face only a Mother would love lol

The buyer seems really nice. :+1:


I’ve been working on this little monkey like crazy this weekend. Still has a long way to go but he’s pretty cute so far


Just finished these two. Chase is being sent with a surprise gender. :slight_smile:


Love both of them! Chase is such a cute baby! Here’s the last two babies I worked on, Tink and Chase with terrible lighting


I see you love Bonnie Brown kits as well. :slight_smile:

Gotta love Chase. He is just so newborn and curls up beautifully.


Yes I do lol They’re the best although me and Tink have had a bad relationship up until his last layers lol I will be rooting both babies, their hair is in the mail though so they’ll stay bald a bit longer.

He really does! He’s so cuddly. He’s a custom and his mama wants him as a girl. Here’s a pic where you can actually see her skin tone properly, not in gross bedroom lamp light :rofl:


I think he makes a pretty girl too. :blush:


He does, even though I really wasn’t sure about it at first. I’m having fun buying clothes for her, and even making clothes for her.




I finished my Thomas while ago. Get more pics tomorrow.

I think I might trim his lashes just a tad…


I just got April done and listed. Her outfit came from Antwerp Belgium. I am so excited to finally have her done. I also finished my second Chase who hasn’t had his picture taken yet.


She is beautiful!


Thank You. I couldn’t be happier on how she turned out. :grinning:


You did a beautiful job, she is sooo adorable!


Amazing skin tone! She looks so real! :heart_eyes:


Gorgeous babies!




Thank you - before I list him - do you think his eyelashes are too long?


I think they are beautiful just the way they are. I would look leave them alone.