Picture of last doll you worked on


Thankyou, needs his eye brows. Still umming and arring over hair :joy: I’ve ordered honey blonde and a baby brown to mix the hair as my last baby brown is more of a dirty blonde so think it will go well together


I love his face! It’s just the chunky legs I don’t like…


Very dolly little Lilly :grin:


Thank youu ^^


One more giant Joseph. :blush:


She is gorgeous!!


Love your version! One of the best I have seen!



Thank you! @DOLLSBYCHRIS and @azbaby


Beautiful!!! So pretty!!!


I love this photo!


How adorable. Love the dress


Thanks, y’all. :blush: Here is the other one. She was supposed to be a custom, but her mommy found a better baby to adopt. She will be listed tomorrow on reborns. Hopefully someone else will want her.


So pretty!!!




My first babies. Made these for Christmas for my girls and nieces


Really nice!!


Thank you!! I was really happy with the outcome and am super excited about my first “kit” Maggie coming this week!!! :grin:


She is so beautiful!



NO WAY! That is one gorgeous baby! :heart_eyes: