Pics of my recent AA babies (pic OVERLOAD)

Hey everyone. I have been super busy and unable to post in the forum for the past few weeks. Hope all is well. Here are some babies that I painted for IDTS. They are also available for anyone interested.


Love that open eyed cuddle baby. The third one down :two_hearts: what sculpt is that?

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I love the one in the blue anchors! Who is he??? His lips are gorgeously painted!

Such pretty babies!

Who’s the cutie in the pink butterflies?

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theyre so adorable! i especially love the little guy in the white shirt and khakis!

Beautiful babies!

Love the toddler boy!!

Wow, really great. I bet you sold them quickly.

I’m in love with their skin! How did you do that??? It looks so beautiful and those brows and lashes on the blue eyed baby :heart_eyes:

They’re all so Gorgeous!

Thanks everyone!!

@ellakabella @AlyBrick That is the Thandie by Adrie Stoete.

@ZeldaDawn That is Erin by Adrie Stoete



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Thank you!

What beautiful babies !!! Thanks for sharing​:raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4: