Pics of my baldy boys

My oldest son Adam at one month ~ this was 1981; today is his birthday. He’s 31…those years went by FAST! He lost this downy, baby- soft hair and was bald for about 8 months after this.

And my youngest son, Ryan…he’s 6 months in this picture and FINALLY starting to get a little hair. Now he’s 25 and would CROAK if he knew I was showing this picture. See any resemblance to another baby we all know?

And here I am, 4 months old…bald and naked…good thing we’re all friends here.

so cute Karen!!! Yes I see a strong resemblance!! ADORAble

I guess cuteness runs in the family! ))))))

Adorable babys! My daughter was bold until she turned 24 m…she only had some few hair in the top of her head…rssssss.She is from July 81 too, turning 31…and full of beautiful blonde hair.
I agree, strong resemblance ! Wonderful!

Great photos - and you’re right the time just flies by! In February my “baby” turned 40 - I can hardly believe it because I don’t feel 40 yet!!!

He started out bald and didn’t have his first haircut until he was about 2 - now he’s heading back to bald again, and perfection I tell him. He took after his paternal grandfather who I simply adored and named my son after.

Karen i think she actually looks more like you did

I agree. she looks much more like you…and she’s adorable!!!

My first two had lots of hair but my youngest ended up mostly bald till she was almost 4! Light short hair! Poor little one. Everyone thought she was a lot younger because she was tiny for her age too. She turns 13 today! More teen years but she will probably be as easy as her brother and sister. They are 26 and 23 now. I have to get photos uploaded to photobucket and figure out my scanners so I can scan in their baby photos. And I agree that what happens on the forum stays on the forum! Otherwise our kids will die of embarassment! And now I have grandbaby photos to show off or tell stories about! Can’t have her mad at me!!!

You guys are so sweet! I appreciate your very kind words sooooo much!

Ten days from now I’ll be in FLORIDA…holding precious Sophia at long, long last…expect TONS of pictures then. There will be no way to stop me!!! Poor kid…she has no idea what’s ahead for her; she’ll be spoiled ROTTEN.