Pics of Doll Show in Memphis Saturday

Here’s some pics of my Doll Show Saturday. Had a great time, only sold two dolls but got some custom orders. There were only two of us with Reborns.

Very Nice set up. How much are the tables in your area? I did one a couple weeks ago at a discount price of 35 and one I want to do in Nov is 65 for ONE 6 ft table. And your not allowed to put stuff on the floor. So cant even take a changing table or bassinet.
You had a lot of room there.

They are all so sweet. lol I want all of them. I just want to cuddle them.

Congratulations for selling 2 dolls and getting custom orders! Your setup looks great. Thanks for sharing!

You had a very nice setup who did you end up selling? and what do you do with all the babies that didn’t sell?

Southerbells Doll Club put on the show. They have this show every year in October. One of the Club members told me that they advertised my babies on TV they had nevered had any Reborns before. And the Memphis newspaper came to my booth and took photos. The setups were 2 tables for $90.00 and I was the only one that had a backdrop, I just think that it makes a setup look better. The setup behind me had Marie Osmond dolls and my backdrop made their setup look better. Can’t wait until next year.

Shelly, I sold Tayla and Aubrey. I have another show to do next month so the babies I have left will be going to that show. And I have a few Christmas shows. After that I may put them on e-bay or give some as Christmas gifts. I have alway wanted to donate a baby to St. Jude childrens hospital the only problem I don’t have enough for every child there. Maybe I will just donate one and let them pick the child it should go to.

I think that is a very nice gesture with St. Jude. You could also ebay a baby and give proceeds to St. Jude so they can use the money for research. Love your set up!

We have matching Avatar Cats - we are both in Tennessee and I didn’t know about this until too late. Yeee Gadd, I’m sadd. I didn’t read everything in your post because it’s dinnertime.

I can’t believe I missed this.

Oh, woe is me.

Great setup, Love your bassinet. Your babies are really sweet too.

    Hugs Tina

It was alot of fun going there and seeing her dolls in person. They were so beautiful and life-like. That was the first show I have ever been to. Maybe I will be able to be IN the show next year.