Pics from Rose, post yours


Great job!!!


Amazing job!


Wow, you learned that in class?


I had already rooted before I took the class. In the class I got to try the needles uncut that don’t need a handle and I like them better, I learned to root with more than one colour of hair, I learned a better position to root from, and I learned that I could draw my mapping with a fabric marker. I had already been rooting only one hair at a time, but she taught that as well.


Beautiful rooting! This is a dumb question but how do you hold the uncut needles? Don’t they hurt your fingers after a awhile? :blush:


Ya kind of, but I think only because I hold them really tight just like I hold my pen really tight and press really hard. I gave myself a blister on my thumb. If I’m conscious of it I loosen my grip and it’s better, but I just naturally squeeze too hard.

I hold it almost in the same position has I hold a pen except my middle finger is touching with the tip of my finger instead on the side. My thumb and pointer are in the same position.


You can buy a pink pen that holds them just like a pen. Some people also wrap rubber bands around them for grip and comfort


I have carpal tunnel badly but I may try this with rubber bands or something like that TY both!!


I wrap the tops of mine with duct tape cut in slim short strips to make a handle and cushion the top .


You can mix some darker hair in with the lighter and it will darken up and look better.


Very nice let us see her finished on Monday


I have carpal tunnel too. The uncut needles that are coloured are sort of coated in a rubbery material so they are easy to grip, they don’t slide in your grip.


Does anyone have photos of Jennie Lee’s booth? And Bean Shanine’s (Twisted Beanstalk) booth?


If you check out @LynnW’s youtube videos she shows the whole floor and the booths. She did multiple videos


Thanks Jenni! Yes, I have a lot of videos up about the doll show :slight_smile: Here’s Part 1 of the first day of the expo, but I also have ones from the days beforehand (including the baby shower and my silicone painting class plus Rosebuds).


What did you think about the silicone painting class. I’m thinking of taking it next year. If they have one


Oh thank you!!


Here is Sugar, my rooting baby from Jacky’s class.


Beautiful job on that hair lady!!


Thanks. I would have liked it a little thicker on top, but overall I’m happy with her. I’ve always loved the sweet face on this kit.